Elpas was founded in 1985 and started out as a supplier for automotive parts. In 1989 we began with the production of parts for our customers and have been expanding our product range since.
In the last 20 years we have managed to lift our quality-policy and production to a point, that we are proud to claim that the main part of our product-range are exported to the german automotive market.

The Elpas company-policy is mainly supported by our experience in the area of production and our good customer relations. The following principles are our main basis for customer satisfaction:

Quality of products and production-processes
On time delivery
Competitive prices
Good and close cooperation with our customers in the development- and in the mass production ? phase, but also after the closure of a production.

The complete Elpas team, from the managment to the worker enjoys cooperating with our current and new customers in the development of new parts, the solving of problems and to improve excisting processes.